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This online, self paced blended program is instructed by brain-based leadership expert Phil Dixon and neuroscientist Dan Radecki, PhD. Involved since the conception of the field, both are recognized as world leading experts in the development of brain-based leadership curriculum, Phil in the organization delivery context and Dan in the academic context. Together they have taught/instructed 1000’s of leaders in over 40 countries.

Following the ABL approach of What > So What > Now What, this program is a unique blend of theory and application, along with insights and practical tools based upon years of research and experience.

The Experience

  • Gain insights into your own brain profile
  • Learn the fundamentals of the brain
  • Learn how the latest neuroscience research applies to:

    • Your Brain
    • The Social Brain (Your relationships)
    • The Team Brain
  • Direct interaction with the experts in weekly Q&A sessions
  • Peer to peer interactions during the Q&A
  • Access practical tools & techniques to assist in implementation
  • Build actionable next steps to apply the learnings
  • Connect to a global brain-based learning community
  • Earn 16 ICF Core Competency + 8 Resource Development Credits

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Curriculum (16 Weeks)

Module 1: Brain Fundamentals

• Brain Fundamentals I & II
• Psychological Safety + S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM online self-assessment
• Facts & Fabrications of the Field

Module 2: Your Brain

• Stress Mastery
• Memory & Cognition
• Managing the Amygdala
• Attention & Mindfulness

Module 3: The Social Brain

• Nonconscious Brain & Bias
• Performance & Engagement
• Delegation
• Coach Conversations

Module 4: The Team Brain

• Diversity & Inclusion
• High Performing Teams
• Innovation
• The Integrated Brain

Introductory Special

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