Inspiring, thought provoking, necessary . . .

Attendee experiences at ABL-X 2015

  • From beginning to end, the exploration, experimenting and exchange of ideas was stimulating beyond description. The ABL community is all about the brain and comes from the heart. Inspiring!
  • This was an extraordinary experience. The sessions were all first class, informative, and cutting edge. The ABLX team attracted a community of like-minded, warm and committed people. I left even core committed to applying neuroscience and leadership principles in my teaching and executive coaching. I will be back in October 2016.
  • An authentic experience where the exchange was ‘on the level’ and the notion of an ‘expert’ was deconstructed through open dialogue ‘and energetic exchange of what works in the world of applied organisational neuroscience.
  • The content was so interesting and inspiring. It was so well organized and well paced. The speakers were interesting, engaging and entertaining – much higher quality than usual (and I’ve attended lots of conferences).
  • There is no way to articulate all of the knowledge, joy and benefit I gained from this amazing conference. It is by far the best conference of my career so far. I am so grateful to have had the honor and privilege of being here. I’m part of a society, global, neuro leadership movement reflecting huge change for the better in our work.
  • This conference was an excellent convergence of research and application in business. It was inspirational, educational and powerful!
  • Great community with lots of diversity in presenters (scientist, practitioners – both in house and consultants etc)
  • Learning to the latest happenings in brain science and application to leadership and organizational change with: a heart experience; community feeling; brainful information.
  • As a tech company entrepreneur and founder, and this being my first exploration into neuroleadership, I found the sessions relevant, accessible to me as a novice in this area and inspiring for how to utilize the principles of neuroleadership to grown my organization.
  • Attending the ABLX gives us an experience of: meeting experts in a very strong emerging field of human development – the Brain; sharing of successes, stories and experiences for immediate application and further exploration; being part of the community.

  • Something one would want to connect with and come back year after year.
  • Great conference! Loved the mix between data, theory and practice.
  • Incredibly high quality speakers!
  • ABLX is an excellent forum for exploring what brain based leadership has to offer companies looking to enhance productivity and sustain employee engagement and innovation.
  • Friendly, energetic – not intimidating in the slightest. Learned a great deal and have a host of new interesting aspects of Neuroleadership to consider.
  • Wonderful combination of academics, humor and inspiration.
  • This event will transform my work and has filled my heart.
  • This was a content rich conference delivered in an energizing fashion.
  • Great combination of science, application and student research sessions.
  • Phil – thank you for bringing your joy and vulnerability. Nice to have human face representing this extraordinary community.
  • Great tribe and awesome vibe!
  • Great humor all the way through, thank you!
  • A wonderful opportunity to grow new neural and social connections!
  • Inspiring, thought-provoking, necessary.
  • Great global representation and great location.
  • Well worth the trip from NZ, looking forward to next year.
  • Loved the way people referred to each others input which showed they had really been listening to each other.
  • Excellent networking! Great accessibility to speakers.
  • Every speaker had great information to share.
  • Schedule and food were awesome – made it easy to engage and focus.

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