Consolidating world-leading, thinking, education & products to facilitate change.

Serving as a translator, we evaluate and distill the most powerful findings in integrative organizational neuroscience, creating useable learnings and real-time applications to provide answers to tough challenges that, until now, wouldn’t budge.

We close the gap by building the bridge between the knowing and doing, creating scientifically validated and measured solutions to enhance and transform individuals, teams and organizations.

About Us

Passionate about bridging the gap between knowing and doing.

Founded January 2015, the Academy of Brain-Based Leadership (ABL) is a research-based provider of personalized yet scalable programs that support individuals, coaches and organizations with the critical information and innovative tools they need to know and train their brains for optimal performance and better health.

To us, it’s all about maximizing the impact of this new frontier in leadership. We effect this by the integration of seasoned thought leaders, practitioners, neuroscientists and academics, all bringing a world-wide perspective to this interdisciplinary field.


    Leonie is the Co-founder of ABL and has over 20 years experience in management and consulting, working predominately in values based organizations.

    In her previous role as the General Manager of the NeuroLeadership Institute she was instrumental in the formation, strategy and setup of the organization in 2008. Over the next 6+ years she operationalized and cultivated NLI’s activities, team, faculty and culture to build an internationally recognized platform and authority in the field of neuroleadership.  In this role she established and managed the NLI education arm, 10 NeuroLeadership Summits,  memberships, and the publication and distribution of the annual NeuroLeadership Journal.

    ABL is an extension and outworking of the passion she has to make a difference. Her personal vision is to create and facilitate pathways for individuals to more deeply to know themselves and know others in order to create better lives, relationships, workplaces and communities. She is co-author of the book “Psychological Safety: The key to happy, high-performing people and teams”


    Dan is the Co-founder of ABL and has 20 years of corporate experience. His passion is in leveraging his knowledge of behavioral neuroscience to create an optimal model of leadership. In 2009 he created the curriculum for the educational arm of the NeuroLeadership Institute and served as the lead professor for the first Post Graduate Degree and Master of Science program in the Neuroscience of Leadership. Dan has taught over 400 leaders in 40 countries, on the neuroscientific underpinnings of effective leadership.

    Dan is also Senior Director of Research and Development at Allergan Inc., where he is a Global Leader for drug development programs. Dan holds a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Biopsychology and Ph.D in Neuroscience. His extensive teaching experience includes instruction at the undergraduate, graduate and medical school level.

    Dan is co-author of the book “Psychological Safety: The key to happy, high-performing people and teams”. He has been published in the Harvard Business Review, and has lectured internationally on topics such as the psychological safety, the neuroscience of diversity & inlcusion, the neuroscience of bias, creativity, leadership wisdom, the aging brain, the biology of collaboration and the impact of stress on the brain.

Advisory Board
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    Former SVP Global Practice Lead
    Inclusive Solutions
    Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Christopher Ancona

    Managing Partner, SV&A USA

  • Jennifer McCusker PhD

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    Organizational Development
    Activision Blizzard
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  • Mark Steiman

    Executive Director Human Resources

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