• “Neuro-mythconceptions in Consulting Psychology: Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (Ken Nowack and Dan Radecki, Journal of Consulting Psychology), Download
  • “Resilience Training that can Change the Brain” (Golnaz Tabibnia and Dan Radecki, Journal of Consulting Psychology) Download
  • The Science Behind Training Effectiveness Whitepaper (Christopher Ancona and Dan Radecki) Download


  • ATD ICE 2019 (19-22 May 2019, Washington DC)
    The Resilient Brain and How to Enhance It
  • ATD ICE 2018 (7-9 May 2018, San Diego)
    T.R.I.B.E.TM: A Model for Managing Biases & Building Psychological Safety
  • ATD ICE 2017 (22-24 May 2017, Atlanta)
    Using Neuroscience to Learn Your Triggers/Biases for Psychological Safety
  • National Human Resource Association LA (23 February 2017)
    Leading with the Brain in Mind, Dan Radecki & Jennifer McCusker
  • TED-X LA Women’s Conference (28 October 2016)
    It’s About Time, Panelist, Dan Radecki PhD
  • Visionary Executive Network, Los Angeles, CA
    “The resilient brain” Dan Radecki PhD (2016)
  • NBC Universal, Studio City, CA
    “Building better teams through neuroscience”, Dan Radecki PhD (2016) 
  • Executive Next Practices, Taco Bell Headquarters, Irvine CA
    “Brain based leadership”, Dan Radecki PhD (2016)
  • Blizzard Inc, Keynote
    “Brain based leadership”, Dan Radecki PhD (2016)
  • Dynamic Disruption Conference (27 October 2016, San Diego)
    Brain-based Leadership In Action, Dan Radecki & Jennifer McCusker
  • ABL-X Global Exchange (October 20-21 2016, Silicon Valley)
    Positive Psychology & Neuroscience, Dan Radecki PhD, Keith Gatto PhD (Stanford), Stuart Crabb (ex-Facebook)
  • ABL-X Global Exchange (October 20-21 2016, Silicon Valley)
    S.A.F.E.T.Y. NETS™, The Brain’s Airbag, Dan Radecki PhD
  • TED-X Mission Viejo, ‘Perception’,(14 October 2016)
    The Struggle Between the Emotional & Logical Brain, Dan Radecki PhD
  • ICF Advance: Science of Coaching (Sep 15-17 2016 Phoenix, Arizona)
    A Brain-based Approach to Enhancing Self Awareness: The S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM Model – Dan Radecki PhD
  • Society of Consulting Psychology (Feb 3-7 2016)
    The Neuroscience of Resilience: How to Build a Better Brain
    Dan Radecki PhD
  • ABL-X Global Exchange (October 29-30 2015, Silicon Valley)
    Cool Down your Burnout, Dan Radecki PhD
  • Bulletproof Biohacking Conference (October 23-25 2015, Pasedena)
    Building Brain Resilience: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness
    Phil Dixon & Dan Radecki PhD