Build psychologically safe cultures,
one brain at a time . . .

Psychologically safe cultures promote and enhance effectiveness and engagement and create an environment where people, relationships and teams thrive. We tackle this cultural transformation one brain at a time. The goal of the SOLE series is to build awareness, challenge mindsets, influence behaviors and create a new language at all levels across the organization.

This virtual, self-paced learning experience introduces the brain’s fundamental operating principle and the hidden drivers that impact behaviors. It is designed to build a foundation to support the development of psychological safety for self, others and culture. Neuroscientist and Brain-based Leadership expert Dan Radecki PhD, brings together brain science, leadership and an understanding of individual behavior in this engaging online series that explores:

  • the brain fundamentals
  • the importance of psychological safety
  • hidden drivers of decisions, motivations & reactions
  • S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM and its impact on self, relationships, teams and performance


Each module includes:

  • 3-5 minute video
  • Supplemental readings and resources
  • Application focused activities
  • Actionable next step plans

Enhance learning and insight by packaging with:

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