Our e-learning is designed by the ABL team and instructed by neuroscientist and brain-based leadership expert Dan Radecki, PhD. MA. Our team have been involved in the field since its conception in 2008, pioneering neuroleadership virtual education and instructing 1000’s of leaders and practitioners globally. ABL is recognized as a world leading authority in the development of brain-based leadership curriculum that focuses on tangible application.


This program combines short e-learning modules and the SAFETY Self-Assessment to provide you with a foundational understanding of the brain-based concepts, frameworks and tools used to build psychological safety.  It is designed to give you the flexibility to learn, review and reflect at your own pace.  The key objective is for you to increase self-awareness and generate insights about its application and its impacts to you personally. You will be introduced to the concept of Psychological Safety along with frameworks and language to help you understand, communicate and nurture your SAFETY needs. By developing a SAFETY awareness, you will also be better equipped to nurture the SAFETY needs of others, evaluate interactions and situations from a SAFETY perspective and catch and manage your SAFETY triggers.

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This 16-week, self-paced online program covers the key neuroscientific principles that underpin effective leadership. It follows the ABL approach of What > So What > Now What and is a unique blend of theory and application, providing practical insights and tools based upon years of research and experience. Click here to read what students have to say.

Awards 16 CCE + 8 RD ICF Units

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The individual e-learning options are all available as scalable learning journeys, they can be taken as a whole, by modules or combine topics to create a customized program.

ABL also offers scalable Self-paced Online Learning Experiences (SOLEs) that combine engaging animated micro-learning with corresponding activities that are designed to build awareness, embed a common language and promote a culture of advocacy and accountability across the organization.  Modules can be mixed and matched to meet learning objectives and can be customized to include company values. The learning experience can be enhanced with the SAFETY Assessment, SAFETY Toolkit, individual or group coaching (virtual or live), webinars and/or workshops to deepen engagement and insights.


  • individual self-learning
  • company-wide education
  • compliance training
  • pre-work for blended workshop initiatives


  • On-demand modules hosted by ABL LMS
  • SCORM file hosted on internal LMS


Determined on licensing terms, volume and customization


  • Brain Fundamentals (15 mins)
    The core operating principles of the brain
  • Psychological Safety (5 mins)
    The latest research on psychological safety, what it is and why it is important.
  • Drivers of Motivation and Behavior (S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM Model) (30 mins)
    The brain’s social motivating drivers of motivation, decisions and behavior.
  • Bias Mitigation and Trigger Management (T.R.I.B.E.TM) (30 mins)
    Managing triggers to enhance psychological safety, collaboration, performance and health.
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience (Coming Soon)
    The neuroscience of stress and strategies to build resilience and wellbeing.
  • The Neuroscience of Diversity and Inclusion (25 mins)
    The case for diversity, the challenge of the biased brain and the road to inclusion and belonging.

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