In our experience transformation happens one brain at a time.  Awareness and protection of our own, and others psychological safety needs culminates in more successful team interactions, better collaboration and improved organizational performance. Understanding the team’s individual and collective drivers of psychological safety and the practical strategies to nurture the team’s needs help to facilitate psychologically safe environments that promote health, innovation, collaboration and productivity.

The ‘Team SAFETY’ offerings are designed to equip team members with the awareness, skills, and tools they need to: understand and communicate their SAFETY needs; evaluate interactions and situations with a SAFETY filter; and build personal and team psychological safety.


  • improved emotional regulation
  • better control and management of stress
  • nurturing of personal and other’s psychological safety
  • enhanced emotional intelligence
  • more positive exchanges and better conflict resolution
  • improved engagement and motivation
  • enhanced focus, creativity and productivity
  • more inclusive and collaborative environments
  • happy and high-performing individuals and teams


We support face to face, virtual and blended delivery. Workshops can be facilitated by ABL trainers or by your own accredited internal trainers. Choose from one of the following options or talk to us about customizing an initiative to suit your team:

  • Team Debrief – Live workshop + Toolkit
  • Blended Debrief – E-module + Live Debrief + Toolkit
  • Blended Debrief – E-module + Virtual Debrief + Toolkit
  • Online E-Module – My SAFETY + Assessment/Toolkit

The S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM Stage 1 and Stage 2 Accreditation programs equip trainers to lead teams through the Team Safety Debrief. It is not recommended that team leaders facilitate their own team debrief.

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Initiatives are supported with the S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM Assessment, Book and Reference Guide


Embed a common understanding, framework and language that facilitates communication and nurturing of SAFETY needs. Animated micro-videos, activities and reflections teach learners about their brain, their SAFETY profile and its impacts, strategies for mitigating biases and regulating emotions, and managing stress and conflict. Use as a personal development tool or as prework for a blended team debrief. Learn more about the ‘My Safety’ essential and professional modules.


Build awareness of the team’s psychological safety and S.A.F.E.T.Y.TM profiles and an understanding of the diversity of needs and strengths on the team. Enhance team health, productivity and collaboration by teaching team members how to respect and protect their own, and other’s psychological safety needs. This debrief will teach your team:

• psychological safety’s impact on team performance
• a framework and shared language around SAFETY
• their safety profiles and their potential impacts
• what safety means for them how to communicate it
• the needs and strengths of each member’s profile
• the benefits of profile diversity on the team
• how biases impact our behavior and our perception of others
• the team’s S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ and psychological safety profiles,
and their impact
• the interaction of the individual and team profile
• how to support their own psychological safety
• how to engage and manage one another’s safety needs
• to communicate, collaborate and manage conflict from
a SAFETY perspective
• to evaluate scenarios / situations with a safety lens
• to identify team actions to enhance team safety